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I offer appointments in Avondale Heights and Brunswick, or online via Zoom where it is safe to do so.

If you are uncertain of how to proceed I also offer a free 30 minute online session so that you can chat with me about your individual needs. This is often a very good idea if you have questions about the suitability of hypnotherapy for you.

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Or, you can call me directly on 0409 803 696 to explore how I can help you.

Either way, I look forward to connecting with you to help you make the changes you need to make.

Please note: I do not work with children under 16 years of age unless it is for career counselling.

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Change in Mind Counselling and Hypnotherapy offers a client-centered, holistic approach to help you overcome personal challenges, build your sense of inner strength and assist you to achieve your health and wellbeing goals. 

Hypnotherapy is an effective way to resolve a range of issues because it addresses the unconscious causes of uncomfortable feelings and problematic behaviours.

“Hypnosis empowers people to discover and develop strengths in themselves they didn’t know they had, and the consequences in people’s lives are often nothing short of extraordinary”. Dr. Michael Yapko

My name is Trish Dewberry and I have been assisting people of all ages to explore and reach their career and life potential since 1996.

I am a qualified Counsellor, Clinical Hypnotherapist and Career Development Practitioner, and a registered teacher with 22 years experience working with young people.

I am a professional clinical hypnotherapist and I design individual treatment plans for each of my clients.  Every client is a complex individual so I look at the whole person from multiple perspectives. I use all of my skills and experience to shape the ideal treatment program for you. Depending on your own individual needs, these might include:

  • Physical and mental health and wellbeing 
  • Personal relationships
  • Professional relationships
  • Personal growth
  • Career satisfaction 


Trish Dewberry Hypnotherapist and Counsellor
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I offer a Wide range of hypnotherapy services

Resolve Anxiety, Panic & depression

Hypnotherapy is effective in resolving the emotional triggers that lead to anxiety and related disorders



TRTP Melbourne

The Richards Trauma Process safely resolves the distressing symptoms of PTSD


Resolve Anger Release Stress

Hypnotherapy resolves the triggers of anger and helps you reduce stress


Relieve Menopause Symptoms

The Menopause Relief Program helps relieve symptoms of menopause so you feel cooler and more comfortable.


Weight Loss Help

Hypnotherapy makes it easier to change behaviours affecting your shape and size


Quit Problem Gambling

Hypnotherapy makes it easier to resolve the emotional drivers of gambling and rid you of that habit


Relieve Insomnia

Reset your body clock and sleep soundly again with hypnotherapy


Relieve Irritable Bowel Syndrome

Effective, research based therapy to resolve the symptoms of IBS


Control Drinking

Hypnotherapy effectively works to help you reduce or quit drinking


Beat fear of flying and other phobias

Fear of flying, driving or other phobias can be resolved with targeted hypnotherapy


Quit Smoking

Hypnotherapy makes it so much easier to quit smoking for good


Boost Confidence & Public Speaking

Hypnotherapy is a powerful therapy to help you overcome your fear of public speaking and gain a new sense of self-confidence


Why choose Change in Mind

Your wellbeing is my number one priority

I use a multi-modality approach comprising counselling, hypnotherapy and career/life coaching to help each individual client rediscover and celebrate their unique talents and skills.

Your individual needs drive the process

Because every client is a unique individual Change in Mind wellbeing programs are structured to suit the individual.

Working together we will creatively explore your strengths and talents, and any obstacles that are currently preventing you from being at your best.

Through a process of inclusive and empathetic consultation and purposeful collaboration,  together we create your treatment /coaching plan to ensure you get the best result possible.  

At Change in Mind the focus is on you as an individual and how we can work together to make the many aspects of your life better.

Effective and caring counselling and hypnotherapy

Many of my clients come to me after experiencing many months, or even years, of traditional psychological treatment, but feel they are not actually making a lot of progress.

As I use targeted and highly specialised hypnotherapy to boost the effectiveness of counselling, and to shift the deep unconscious issues that can block your progress, clients usually report feeling much better in a relatively short amount of time.*

Holistic counselling that addresses multiple facets of your life

Every part of your life is affected by your mental and physical wellbeing: your career, personal and intimate relationships, broader social interactions, finances etc.

I will help you to explore your potential – personally and professionally – and help you to attain improved mental and physical wellbeing and personal growth.

I create a structured, individual program of counselling boosted with hypnosis where appropriate, for many different issues:

  • Personal or Career Coaching
  • Relieving the symptoms of mood disorders, anxiety, PTSD and panic disorders
  • Quitting negative / harmful habits – smoking, drinking, gambling, internet addiction
  • Resolving anger
  • Performance Anxiety
  • Fears and phobias
  • Self-sabotage – relationships, weight, work performance or harmful behaviours
  • Irritable Bowel Syndrome
  • Relationship issues
  • Unpleasant symptoms of menopause

Experience working with people of all ages and backgrounds

My clients have ranged in age from just 4 years old to 86.

With 22 years working as a secondary school teacher, and experience helping people from all walks of life, I have developed skills in empathetically and effectively communicating

My Qualifications

Bachelor of Education (Psychology)
Diploma Clinical Hypnotherapy
Graduate Certificate in Counselling
Graduate Certificate in Career Development and Education

A Certified Practitioner

The Richards Trauma Process (TRTP)
Resource Therapy
Careers Fast Track
Myers Briggs Type Indicator
Morrisby Profile
Career Voyage
Coaching Young People for Success

An Active Member

Australian Association of Clinical Hypnotherapists and Psychotherapists
Victorian Institute of Teaching
Career Educators Association of Victoria

As a member of three professional bodies I am continually upgrading  my skills and knowledge.

Google My Business rating
Trish, on that Saturday when I came to see you I was so down, so many negative thoughts going around in my head, not sleeping, stressed out and then, after the session I felt so different – like a weight had been lifted, the negative thoughts were gone. The drive home my head was silent. From then on I have started to feel like myself again. I’ve not been as depressed or negative since. I’m more forward looking. The sessions have been really, really helpful. Thank you 😊
Jenny BClient
Genuinely and sincerely grateful for my experience with Trish. Life changing results even after the first session. Could not recommend Change in Mind any higher.
Emma HClient
“My trauma began in childhood and I have had a lot of therapy. So, I was very skeptical about this treatment but after discussing it with Trish and doing my own research, I decided to go ahead. It was the best decision I have ever made. I am now feeling stronger and healthier than I have in years. Where before I felt I didn’t have the strength to work I am now ready to get back into the workforce.”
Amy JClient
Trish is a very caring, compassionate person who truly listens to you and your issue. She then tailors the hypnotherapy to be relevant to you. Trish is genuinely delighted when you reach your goals. Very pleased with the service and expertise.
Julie NClient
So grateful to Trish for being instrumental in me kicking the dreadful habit of smoking. I had tried so many times, different ways even the prescription tablets (which helped but I knew I could get another prescription, so always went back to the cigarettes!)
I felt very comfortable with Trish, she has a beautiful quiet nature and exuded confidence in her ability to help me. My initial thinking was there was no way this was going to help me….. I threw the last of my cigarettes in the rubbish when I arrived home after the session and haven’t touched one since.
Many many thanks to Trish for my amazing feeling of good health. Now I breathe easy.
Jody MSuccessfully Quit Smoking
“Trish is absolutely amazing in what she does. I have battled with a very bad habit for 17 years which is more than half of my life. I have lost many friends and family because of this disgusting habit but nothing could change my mind. that is until I met Trish!! Thank you so much for helping me and making me a better man.
Highly recommended!!! You changed my life. Thank you.”
Grant HClient
“I don’t feel angry anymore. All of my problems were related to my anger and now it’s gone, and I am coping so much better and rebuilding the relationships I damaged through my anger and self-destructive behaviour. I can’t thank you enough Trish.”
David PClient
“Trish , without a doubt the most understanding person I’ve ever met. I have had major issues over the last three years through no fault of my own. After just four sessions my head is fixed and I’ve also given up a 35 year smoking habit. Thank you so much Trish, you’re amazing.”
Michael MClient
After a massive emotional breakdown, which resulted in stress induced alopecia. Which I lost half my hair too, I needed help. I tried a psychotherapist, and a counselor. But i felt I was getting triggered, and wasn’t getting anywhere.
I was suggested a hypnotherapist. As a sex worker, I was nervous to find someone as, I have been discriminated against. When I came across Trish’s website, and her introduction video. I felt at ease, and ready to get in contact.
Trish was very helpful, non judgmental, and eager to help from the first text.
She saw me at my lowest, and after 4 sessions. My anxiety, stress, and depression was under control. After 6 months from the last session, my hair has nearly grown back, and I am happier than ever. My family and friends said “I am glowing”.
Vincent WClient
“Trish is such a caring and compassionate person. I have had the privilege of being her patient this year. She has helped me immensely. If you have tried a counsellor and you’re not happy with their approach, I would highly recommend Trish. She takes a holistic approach to your situation and is non-judgmental and kind.”
Sammy LeeClient

*Every client is a unique individual and outcomes can vary between clients

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