Anger is an incredibly destructive emotion


Hypnotherapy can effectively resolve the causes of anger

Anger does not occur in isolation, it is a symptom of other issues that create the emotional response. Effective treatment therefore needs to address the underlying cause of the anger rather than focus on just managing the emotional response.

If the underlying cause is resolved anger is resolved.


How can hypnotherapy help with anger management?

Hypnotherapy is a powerful means of addressing the unconscious emotional responses that lead to explosive angry outbursts.

Change your mindset about anger

With hypnotherapy for anger, the focus is on resolving the root cause and then assisting the client to establish new, more appropriate ways of responding to stressful situations.


What is the treatment for anger using hypnotherapy?

It is normal to be angry sometimes. But, it is when we feel uncontrollable or unreasonable anger on a regular basis that it becomes a real problem. Uncontrolled anger is incredibly destructive and creates ongoing distress for the angry person and all of those that he/she is close to. Resolving the anger therefore helps not just you but all of those around you.

An anger resolution program usually requires between four and six sessions, and begins with effective and empathetic counselling to uncover the underlying reasons for the anger. Often anger that is difficult to control comes from a fear response that stems from a trauma. So, I will help you to explore events from the past that could be responsible for this anger that is damaging your life and relationships.

Once we have explored the reasons for your anger we will then work together to agree on a way forward, with a personalised treatment program.

This part of the process usually requires three or four hypnosis for anger sessions. Each session will progressively help you to build your inner resources, release the negative emotions that hold you back, and resolve the reason behind the anger.

By addressing the emotional responses to stress and helping you change unconscious core beliefs that can keep you feeling stuck, I can help you to change your perspective and begin to feel that you have more control over your own emotional responses.  

The therapy will finish with a powerful session that helps you really gain confidence in your ability to go forward in life without your anger. You will find that stressful events are much more easy to manage and generally you will feel calmer and happier within yourself.


Hypnotherapy for Stress Relief

Modern life sometimes feels like it is on fast-forward.  There are so many aspects of our lives that we need to manage. Feeling anxious and stressed is a common by-product.

Ever-increasing work loads, study, family, intimate relationships, financial pressures, social obligations, can all mean that we are constantly struggling to keep up. 

Taking some time out for ourselves is an absolute necessity but something that we too often forget to do. 

If we don’t – our health begins to suffer, both physically and mentally.

So what can be done?

Daily practices of mindfulness, meditation, exercise etc. can have a powerful effect on our capacity to cope with stress. 

Hypnotherapy is a powerful way to help you learn to manage the stresses of your life.

In just a few sessions you can learn how to calm your system and generate new, empowered ways of addressing the many demands of your life. 

If you would like to know more about how I can help you book a free 20 minute phone consultation here


Self- Hypnosis Recording

Hypnotherapy For Stress Release 

I have created a very soothing and relaxing hypnosis recording to help you release stress that you can purchase directly for just $14.95.

This is effective if your condition is due to general stress, but is not recommended if you suffer from anxiety or depression, as specific targeted therapy is needed for these conditions.

You should book an appointment if you need more specialised care.  You will receive the recording free of charge if you are having face-to-face hypnotherapy sessions. 

Get the recording here


Disclaimer: Hypnotherapy results vary from person to person. Services provided by Change in Mind are not intended as a substitute for medical advice or treatment. Each client should consult their GP for medical advice and for any symptoms that may require medical intervention.





Trish Dewberry

Clinical Hypnotherapist Melbourne

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