I am currently offering my clients the choice of in-person or on-line sessions.

While most people prefer face-to-face sessions, hypnotherapy can usually be effectively provided via Zoom if you would prefer this mode of delivery.

If you are uncertain of how to proceed I also offer a free 30 minute online session so that you can chat with me about your individual needs. You can use the button below to book this session. 

Or, you can call me directly on 0409 803 696 to explore how I can help you.

Either way, I look forward to connecting with you to help you make the changes you need to make. 

Beat your fear of Public speaking

Fear Of Public Speaking Is Easily Resolved With Hypnotherapy

I have been a public speaking coach for 20 years.  I can help you.

hypnotherapy can help with confidence
  • Overcome the fear response – anxious feelings in the body, racing heart-rate, sweaty palms etc. are all part of the fight-flight response that is triggered when you fear speaking in front of groups. Hypnotherapy calms the fear response dramatically in a surprisingly short time
  • Build your feelings of confidence in large and small groups of people by tapping into the wonderful inner resources that you may have forgotten are there. 
  • Be more assertive so that you can express your views with more confidence and clarity. 
  • Change the unconscious beliefs that make you afraid and reinforce the idea that you have something to say and it is worth hearing.

Hypnotherapy is great for improving confidence

I have created an effective program to help you overcome feelings of low self-confidence.

In this program we will explore the conscious and unconscious blocks that get in the way of you acting assertively and confidently. 

We then address the blocks and unhelpful habits of mind that have created the problem for you.

Hypnotherapy addresses the fear and lack of confidence at the unconscious level, where it originates, and changes your emotional response. In hypnosis we can build your self-confidence and eliminate the fear response so that you can deal with all types of situations in a much more confident and positive way. 

This usually takes three sessions :

Session 1 – in this session we get to the heart of the issue and plan a way forward that is right for you. Then you are introduced to the power of hypnotherapy in a very uplifting and calming hypnosis session.

Session 2 – In this session we build on the gains made in session one, undoing the unconscious drivers of your fear and building your self-confidence further. This session also begins to address your core beliefs to reduce your anxiety and reinforce the belief that you can speak confidently and that people want to hear what you have to say. 

Session 3 – In this session we will work systematically through the specific concerns that you have and really build your confidence to a new wonderful level.

Each hypnotherapy session is recorded so that you can listen again at home and boost the effectiveness.

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