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Hypnotherapy for IBS

Multiple clinical trials have shown that hypnotherapy can be an effective method of treating the uncomfortable symptoms of Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS).

I have been successfully applying the methods used in clinical trials to help my clients for over 10 years.

 Here is a review from a recent IBS client:
I cannot speak highly enough of the service I received from Trish. A month ago I was a total wreck with 3 years of uncontrollable IBS, and anxiety/depression. I felt instantly improved right from the first session. Trish sent a recording, which I used each night. Likewise with all my sessions so far. Worth every penny.
Catherine W – Gold Coast
If you would like a free 30 minute appointment to discuss your needs just click here.
What are the symptoms of IBS?

Irritable Bowel Syndrome has a variety of uncomfortable symptoms and effects.

The physical symptoms include:

  • abdominal pain and cramping
  • inflammation of the gut wall
  • diarrhoea and / or constipation
  • nausea and
  • bloating

This condition also is often associated with psychological disorders such as:

  1. anxiety
  2. depression
  3. phobias due to fear of being unable to access a toilet

The good news is that specifically targeted hypnotherapy can often relieve these common symptoms.

How can hypnosis help IBS?

The interaction of the brain and the gut can affect our overall physiological and psychological well-being.  Known as the brain-gut axis, a bi-directional interaction between the gut and the central nervous system, it plays a vital role in the regulation of digestive processes and gut associated immune function, and helps to modulate both physical and psychological processes.

In gut-directed hypnotherapy suggestions are made that directly impact upon gut-function. These suggestions are designed to create improved control and normalisation of function, while creating a sense of calm that further assists in the relief of symptoms. The carefully crafted hypnosis for IBS suggestions are designed to change the client’s unconscious beliefs around their gut function and to generate physiological change.

The result is an improvement in bowel function and a reduction in the troublesome symptoms of IBS.

Regulation of gut health is affected by cognitive and emotional processes and gut function is potentially negatively impacted by environmental stressors and anxiety.

Research in Australia, the US and the UK has shown that gut-directed hypnotherapy can improve regulation of digestive processes both by directly impacting on gut function through specific hypnotic suggestion, and in reducing overall cognitive and emotional stress and/or anxiety.

If you would like a free 30 minute appointment to discuss your needs just click here.

How does hypnosis help resolve the psychological symptoms of IBS?

As anxiety and depression are a common part of the IBS sufferers experience, specific therapy to reduce these symptoms, is an essential part of this treatment.

This takes two forms:

1. Anxiety / Depression that are not related to the IBS is addressed. This might relate to earlier life experiences that have created long-term emotional distress, or more recent events in the client’s life. Using targeted methods to address the specific concerns of the individual, anxiety and depressive symptoms can be greatly reduced in a relatively short time.  This treatment frees the client from the emotional distress and generates a greater sense of inner strength and psychological well-being.

2. Anxiety / Depression that are related to the IBS are addressed. Living with IBS creates a high level of anxiety in many sufferers and the negative impacts on daily functioning can exacerbate depressive symptoms. Fear of being unable to control bowel movements can often keep sufferers housebound, and the longer this continues the greater the likelihood of associated anxiety and depression increasing.  As the body and mind respond to the treatment, symptoms are naturally and gently reduced, and a calmer, more positive mental state naturally occurs.

I have helped many clients to improve their gut health and resolve the discomfort of IBS. If you would like to know more you can call me on the number below, or book a free 30 minute chat using the booking button.

* Disclaimer: Hypnotherapy results vary from person to person. Services provided by Change in Mind are not intended as a substitute for medical advice or treatment. Each client should consult their GP for medical advice and for any symptoms that may require medical intervention.

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Trish Dewberry is a Clinical Hypnotherapist based in Brunswick, Melbourne

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