Making healthier choices is easier with Hypnotherapy 


The Change in Mind Weight Management program 
makes it easier to lose wieght and keep the weight off.

Making better choices is easier with hypnotherapy for weight loss

Whether you need to lose a little, or a lot, I can work with you to help you  lose your excess weight.

No more mindless eating.  No more eating for comfort.
This program is simple, easy and effective.

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Hypnosis for weight loss

Hypnotherapy is an effective way to change the habits that cause you to put on excess weight.

Hypnotherapy changes your approach to food so there is no need for special diets. You will notice that it is easier to make healthy choices as your feelings about eating change.

Diets don’t work. If you really want to achieve a healthy weight and maintain the weight loss, you need to change your beliefs about your ability to lose weight. 

Do you begin diets thinking “I’ll give this a try”? If so, this sets up a belief system that you can’t really succeed.

Most people begin diets with a belief that they can’t really achieve long-term weight loss, so are doomed from the start.
Using powerful hypnosis you can easily change the way you think about your weight, and change your approach to food, without restrictive diets.


Hypnosis helps you to change your eating pattern and to embrace a healthier lifestyle.

The Change in Mind Weight Loss Program will help you shed your excess weight without restrictive dieting. I will use empowering hypnotherapy to help you feel more in control and motivated to change.

These powerful hypnotic techniques will help your unconscious mind to accept the idea that your needs have changed and that you no longer need to eat large meals. You will then eat less, and feel very satisfied on smaller amounts of food.

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How does hypnotherapy help me to lose weight?

Hypnotherapy helps you to overcome the 4 main reasons for excess weight:


  1. Over eating – Using powerful hypnotic suggestions you will be encouraged to eat less but will not feel as hungry – smaller meals = fewer excess calories.
  2. Making the wrong food choices – whether it is a sugar habit, a junk food habit, or a tendency to have other high calorie food or drinks too often, this program will help you to eat more mindfully and create new, healthier habits.
  3. An unconscious belief that you can’t lose weight – hypnotherapy involves a deep meditative state that helps us to change your unconscious core beliefs. The mind responds differently to information when in the deep meditative state, so real change is possible.
  4. Emotional issues that block change – Are you a comfort eater? I am an experienced counsellor and clinical hypnotherapist. Using these tools I will help you to address any emotional issues that are impacting on your behaviour. You will feel stronger and more empowered than you would have thought possible, usually from the very first session.

Whether you need to lose a little, or a lot, I will help you to get on track so that you can easily and comfortably lose your excess weight.



Change your thinking and 0ther changes follow


The Change in Mind Weight Loss Program is a structured program that helps you develop better habits and make healthier choices. 


Six Session Package $935 – save $95

(May be paid in 2 instalments at Session 1 and Session 3)

  • No need for special diets, instead you will change your approach to eating
  • No more mindless eating
  • No more eating for comfort
  • This program is simple, easy and effective
  • You will also receive 3 Weight Loss Hypnotherapy recordings to use at home

Each week you will be supported with a personalised hypnotherapy session to boost your motivation and confidence.


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