Ready to Quit Smoking Program


“Ready to Quit” is my self-guided quit smoking hypnosis program. It provides you with the tools you need to have better success in stopping smoking today. This program comprises of two key components a ready to quit smoking workbook and three highly effective quit smoking hypnotic recordings, all of which you can use in the comfort of your own home.



A Ready to Quit Self-Guided Hypnosis Program

Ready to Quit is an easy to use and very affordable Quit Smoking Program.

Ready to Quit is a self-guided hypnosis program using pre-recorded quit smoking hypnotherapy, that you use at home.  This costs just $49.00.

There are two key components of the Ready to Quit Self-Guided Hypnosis Program:

  1. The Ready to Quit Workbook:
    Using this workbook is an important initial part of the program.  It contains some simple but important exercises that will help you to clarify your readiness to quit, by helping you explore your own personal reasons for wanting to quit smoking.

Completing these helps you to achieve the goals of the hypnotic sessions.

  1. The Ready to Quit Hypnotic Recordings:
    There are three highly effective hypnotic recordings that will take you through the structured process step-by-step. Each recording will help you progress through the process of quitting so that you can finally leave that smoking habit behind you.

Session 1 / Recording 1

This session is deeply calming and gently introduces you to the experience of hypnosis and begins the process of quitting. During Session 1 you will review all of your reasons for wanting to quit, and the powerful positive hypnotic suggestions will help you to really commit, at an unconscious level, to being smoke free.

Session 2 / Recording 2

Session 2 reinforces all that has been achieved in Session 1 and then takes you through further steps in the process, helping you to rid yourself of all of the triggers for smoking.  Sometimes people still want to smoke a little after Session 1, but by the time you have completed Session 2 you should be a non-smoker.

Session 3 / Recording 3

Session 3 will reinforce your strong desire to remain smoke free and really help you to accept that you are a non-smoker.  That core belief will change so that you think of yourself as someone who no longer has any interest in smoking.

The recording of each session can be used as often as you like.  Should you at any time feel the urge to relapse, these recordings will help you to remain committed to being a non-smoker.

The Ready to Quit Self-Hypnosis program costs just $49.00.

If you are Ready to Quit, this program will help you to quit smoking and embrace a new permanent existence as a non-smoker.

If you would like to read my reviews, please visit my Client Testimonials page.


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