“Amazing. Trish helped me change my life. A year ago I was at a low point smoking weed everyday which was the only thing I looked forward to. I wanted to change and I knew I needed help because I couldn’t do it on my own. When I met Trish she made me feel safe and she was very easy to open up to. I had one double session and from that point forward I never smoked or drunk alcohol again. I am now living my best life. Thank you Trish :)”

Zoe H

“Makes you feel lovely and calm, works with you to overcome your fear, Trish was amazing to work with to help me get over my phobia”

Ella W

“Trish, on that Saturday when I came to see you I was so down, so many negative thoughts going around in my head, not sleeping, stressed out and then, after the session I felt so different – like a weight had been lifted, the negative thoughts were gone.  The drive home my head was silent. From then on I have started to feel like myself again. I’ve not been as depressed or negative since. I’m more forward looking. The sessions have been really, really helpful. Thank you 😊”

Jenny B


“Genuinely and sincerely grateful for my experience with Trish. Life changing results even after the first session. Could not recommend Change in Mind any higher.”

Emma H


“My trauma began in childhood and I have had a lot of therapy. So, I was very skeptical about this treatment but after discussing it with Trish and doing my own research, I decided to go ahead. It was the best decision I have ever made. I am now feeling stronger and healthier than I have in years. Where before I felt I didn’t have the strength to work I am now ready to get back into the workforce.”
Amy J


“Trish is a very caring, compassionate person who truly listens to you and your issue. She then tailors the hypnotherapy to be relevant to you. Trish is genuinely delighted when you reach your goals. Very pleased with the service and expertise.”
Julie N


“So grateful to Trish for being instrumental in me kicking the dreadful habit of smoking. I had tried so many times, different ways even the prescription tablets (which helped but I knew I could get another prescription, so always went back to the cigarettes!)
I felt very comfortable with Trish, she has a beautiful quiet nature and exuded confidence in her ability to help me. My initial thinking was there was no way this was going to help me… I threw the last of my cigarettes in the rubbish when I arrived home after the session and haven’t touched one since.
Many many thanks to Trish for my amazing feeling of good health. Now I breathe easy.”
Jody M Successfully Quit Smoking


“Trish is absolutely amazing in what she does. I have battled with a very bad habit for 17 years which is more than half of my life. I have lost many friends and family because of this disgusting habit but nothing could change my mind, that is until I met Trish!! Thank you so much for helping me and making me a better man.
Highly recommended!!! You changed my life. Thank you”.
Grant H


“I don’t feel angry anymore. All of my problems were related to my anger and now it’s gone, and I am coping so much better and rebuilding the relationships I damaged through my anger and self-destructive behaviour. I can’t thank you enough Trish.”
David P


“Trish , without a doubt the most understanding person I’ve ever met. I have had major issues over the last three years through no fault of my own. After just four sessions my head is fixed and I’ve also given up a 35 year smoking habit. Thank you so much Trish, you’re amazing.”
Michael M


“After a massive emotional breakdown, which resulted in stress induced alopecia. Which I lost half my hair too, I needed help. I tried a psychotherapist, and a counsellor. But I felt I was getting triggered, and wasn’t getting anywhere.
I was suggested a hypnotherapist. As a sex worker, I was nervous to find someone as I have been discriminated against. When I came across Trish’s website, and her introduction video. I felt at ease, and ready to get in contact.
Trish was very helpful, non judgmental, and eager to help from the first text.
She saw me at my lowest, and after 4 sessions. My anxiety, stress, and depression was under control. After 6 months from the last session, my hair has nearly grown back, and I am happier than ever. My family and friends said “I am glowing”.
Vincent W

“Trish is such a caring and compassionate person. I have had the privilege of being her patient this year. She has helped me immensely. If you have tried a counsellor and you’re not happy with their approach, I would highly recommend Trish. She takes a holistic approach to your situation and is non-judgmental and kind.”
Sammy Lee


“I can’t say enough about Change in Mind Counselling and most of all Trish Dewberry. I first went to see Trish two years ago because I wanted to quit smoking. I had tried pretty much everything except hypnosis and thought I might as well give it a shot. I met Trish and completed three sessions, from the 1st to 2nd session I did smoke but after the 2nd session I have never looked back and never crave a cigarette. I would not have believed that I could say that considering I was smoking almost a pack a day. Trish is a very kind, compassionate person and she never judges you. She is very genuine and will tell you if she thinks you do not need her help any more. I would 100% recommend Trish.

Kassidy C


Trish is one of the most kind-hearted people I know. I met Trish at a time when I needed comfort and non-judgment. She made me feel instantly at ease and free just to be me. I still use the techniques Trish taught me and I feel calmer and happier as a result. I really appreciate the support and care Trish gave me.”
Suzy L.

“Trish has helped guide me through some tough life decisions, decisions I ultimately came to myself, but with clarity and confidence after our discussions.   Trish is a warm and caring person who listens and is genuinely concerned for people. She is truly delighted and happy when you reach your goals. “
Julie N.

“Dear Trish, I am Emma H’s mother and wish to convey to you our heartfelt appreciation in turning Emma’s life around. After the first visit, you gave Emma hope ! She just kept getting better and is still improving ! From her first meeting with you in mid December to now it is hard to believe she was SOO extremely unwell. There were times where I had momentarily thought was I being selfish in never wanting to see her die, because the torture she was enduring was so painful. But thankfully we found you!  Emma moved out of home last weekend to rent with another girl. She started casual work today in a cafe. She has been going out with friends and socialising. She hasn’t felt anxiety in a month. Emma values very much your professionalism, thoughts, ideas and more. Thank you for being there for Emma and her family. ” KH

“There are no other words than truly amazing. A beautiful woman who can change people’s lives with her services”.
Demi T

“I am so glad I made the decision to see you Trish. You are an exemplary clinical hypnotherapist.”
Jayne C.

“Very effective hypnotherapy. Trish has a wealth of knowledge. I have trusted her completely to help me overcome my most personal obstacles and anxieties. Because her expertise covers career coaching and hypnotherapy, and counselling, she has been able to help me quit smoking, and move forward in my career, and grow my confidence. The cost pays itself off very quickly.”
Phoebe R.

” I first saw Trish for help with IBS. After her very helpful counselling I quickly realised that the IBS was a symptom of the extreme stress I was experiencing. So together we addressed that. Trish helped me deal with old hurts and dramatically reduced my anxiety levels so I could manage my stress more effectively. I am now in a great place and feeling better than I have done in a long time.”
Malcolm M

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